Welcome to PA Public Libraries’ SummerQuest!

  • Creating a new zoo?
  • Exploring circuits with Makey-Makey
  • Documenting process and progress
  • Building ramps
  • Team working on the Marshmallow Challenge
  • Block play with a goal
  • Robotics for Young Children, Great resource with activities ranging from low to high tech

SummerQuest is a summer learning program that encourages children, teens, and adults to learn, grow, and have fun over the summer by completing a variety of different activities.

“Summer learning is an approach to engaging children by providing active learning experiences that are positive, experiential, educational, but most importantly, fun!” “More than Just Summer Reading: The Shift to ‘Summer Learning.’” Children and Libraries, Spring 2017. 

Summer reading programs are amazing; SummerQuest can make them even better. Many Pennsylvania libraries have already made the shift from summer reading to summer learning. Look through this website for ideas on how you can enhance your program and help fight summer slide.

Click here for more information about the goals of this program.

If you were unable to attend the November SummerQuest workshops please click here to access a one hour interactive learning module that introduces SummerQuest.

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